ABOUT Ravishing Mad
"What inspires me is the language we are able to speak through the way we dress. When I start creating a collection, work on sketches, or for that sake decide what to wear today, I don’t think in garments I think in concepts, silhouettes, and social markers. Just as a thought can be put into music and sounds and be listened to, fashion is to me an expression used on the body visible for the world to see, judge or love. Portraying my inside on my outside, I get to choose which part of myself to show or hide. I think of it as a power tool that allows me to constantly reinvent myself. Buying a dictated outfit in the seasonal colour doesn’t interest me, hence an interest for clothes doesn’t always equal an interest for fashion. I love the language of fashion, not talking about clothes." Anna Österlund May 2012

Ravishing Mad was founded in Malmö, Sweden by designer Anna Österlund after graduating from the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås and the first collection was presented in 2008 with an artsy punk statement on the Swedish underground scene. She now runs Ravishing Mad as a lifestyle label under which she also works with fashion photography and music videos for both her own projects and for other brands and musicians. She has always collaborated closely with underground musicians, artists, photographers and film makers alike in devotion to experimental creation and to pinpoint fashion in its widest definition.

Although adhering to Swedish design traditions of high quality, clean lines and stressing functionality, designs are deliberately pushed further by a D.I.Y. mentality and by straying from the strictness of traditional cuts in streetwear. The collections offer a denim line as well as unisex styles in ready-to-wear and more extreme versions and are shown on the fashion weeks of Paris, New York, Copenhagen and Berlin.

Ravishing Mad has been named "reinventor of denim" by the renowned fashion mag Collezioni Sport and Street for the experimental hand painted pieces and Danish designer and multi-artist Henrik Vibskov was one of the first to discover the Ravishing Mad. Since then, the collections have been available at Urban Outfitters, Delta in Tokyo, Rac boutique in Toronto, TG-170 in NYC, PotiPoti in Berlin, Bespoke Boutique in Norwich, D-mop in Hong Kong and many more.