Ravishing Mad Videos
DANACH - A film by Anna Österlund. "Danach" is the final track on the album Phantasmata Domestica by Black Sun Productions with Mikael Karlsson, starring Maja Mintchev. Direction, photography, costume design & scenography by Anna Österlund, Ravishing Mad. Music: "Danach" by Mikael Karlsson, Performed by Sirius Quartet. Violins:Fung Chern Hwei & Gregor Huebner, Viola: Ron Lawrence, Cello: Jeremy Harman. This last-ever album from Black Sun Productions is named Phantasmata Domestica which means something like house ghost, and is an epic and emotional tale about sorrow and loss. DANACH is the last track and takes place the next day, the ceremonies are long since gone - the pity with them. Waking up, being forced to move on with your life. What hereafter? What now? Read more in this interview by Dangerous Minds.

CLARA - A short film by Swedish photographer/videographer/designer Anna Österlund (Ravishing Mad) with music and clothes by Swedish musician/designer/architect Jenny Grettve. The film draw inspiration from the 19'th century composer Clara Schuman, who was a mother of seven children yet considered one of the most distinguished pianists during the Romantic era. In the eyes of society, being a performer and main breadwinner for her family was in direct conflict with the expected life as a wife and mother. Read more in this interview.

BREATHING - ”A creature in captivity is often driven to pointless, repetitive behaviour.” Breathing is Anna Österlund's debut as a videographer and director and this is a Ravishing Mad collaboration with composer Mikael Karlsson. The music is Mikael's first part of his Talk Music pieces called "Traps” and the video is not trying to merely illustrate the piece, but instead goes for adding more information to the mystery. The text deals with misconceptions, isolation and irrational behavior as comfort and the film shows two little girls seemingly at play in the forest, but as we linger with them we start noticing that they're measuring time and behaving in irrational, robotic or animal ways. They're on a very strict and hectic schedule somehow, and us watching them worries them. An effective society sometimes forces people into apathetic behaviour in order to cope with everyday life and the sense of being trapped in a treadmill can be frightening. What do we do in situations when inexplicable routines traps us like animals, do we manically continue forward or do we protest? Music, text and voice by Mikael Karlsson, Video by Anna Österlund and Truls Bråhammar, Strings by Sirius Quartet and girls: Ada Bråhammar and Olivia Holmgren. Read more in this interview.

38MINUTER - In July 2011 we hooked up with fashion designer/architect/musician Jenny Grettve and made this video as a teaser to get sponsors to help us financing our fashion show in Malmö, Sweden: 38MINUTER. One month later we treated 300 guests with a huge show in the Leonard parking garage, emptied from cars and decorated with enormous theatre curtains, professional light and sound system, with the help of a staff of over 50 people. 38 minutes of pure fashion from Ravishing Mad, Jenny Grettve and Maxjenny.Teaser video filmed by Ravishing Mad with music by Jenny Grettve. Read more in this press release.
We make little videos every now and then and this last one, COCOONS, is the result of an impulse late one night this Summer. A friend's hair needed to be cut and we happened to find an old and forgotten bomb shelter in the basement, so we decided to get down there and make a vid. The music is Lmvuz2z from INvbaei and you can get it for free at www.illphabetik.com

Shooting the Spring/Summer-11 collection we went restless around Stockholm for 30 hours a sunny weekend in June. We floated in time, ate when we were hungry, rested when we got tired and went swimming in the sunset. Music by Charlie Campari aka Sir Charles. Watch it below.

We are doing a number of creative collaborations with inspiring people of all walks of life. The Paraphrase project is a set of interpretations of well known photos and with every photo we make a film that tells it's story. It's quick and raw and a fun way to try ideas with some of our friends like the Danish musicians Kat Boelskov, and Mårten Charlie Stener Damgaard, and photographer André deLoisted. So far we have made three of them: Leibovitz' Rolling Stone Mag cover of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, The Libertines album cover, and Madonna's Justify My Love album cover. Watch them below.